Brand Item
Mozaic Image of Cufflinks: Mozaic Pair. Cufflinks: Mozaic Pair $10.00
Assorted styles
Cufflinks: Silver Plated Pewter with Cattle Horn $40.00
Sansai Hair Clipper Set $24.95
This 240V electric hair clipper is great for beards as well as free haircuts at home. Kit includes o...
Wahl Image of Hair Wax. Hair Wax $14.95
Tradional barber's hair wax in a 100g tub. What a nostalga item. Just what you need to prepare for ...
Charey Manicure Set 3 Piece Scissors/File/Clippers $24.95
Black soft leather pouch containing cruved nail scissors, small nail clipper and diamond nail file.
Charey Manicure Set Mirror Black $19.95
Scissors, file, tweeser all slid into a hard plastic housing including a mirror. Made in Italy.
Image of Nail Clippers. Nail Clippers $20.00
Brushed Stainless Steel.
Premax Image of Nail Sissors Professional 10cm. Nail Sissors Professional 10cm $39.95
Dovo Image of Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer Hand Operated. Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer Hand Operated $59.95
Dovo Klipette Stainless steel finely made small device. Half the size of a pen. Hold it in position...
Viking Off the Cuff $35.00
ISBN 0670042382
Allegria Designs Image of Pendant Fractal Rectangle. Pendant Fractal Rectangle $15.00
Assorted artwork based on fractal geometry, a branch of chaos mathematics. The nickel plated pewter...
Image of Pendent 9ct Gold 21st. Pendent 9ct Gold 21st $55.00
Solid 9ct yellow gold "21" pendent. Suitable for hanging on neck chain, fitted with jumpring.
Wahl Personal Trimmer $29.95
Dual head.
Genco Pocket Hair Brush $3.00
A simple clever designed hairbrush. Flat to slip into your pocket. Hold it in the palm of your hand ...
Image of Ring 9ct Gold Gents. Ring 9ct Gold Gents $250.00
Solid 9ct yellow gold gents ring. Squarish flat top, suitable for engraving with initials, family cr...
Image of Ring Gents 9ct Gold. Ring Gents 9ct Gold $150.00
Solid 9 ct yellow gold flat top gents ring. Suitable for engraving.
Image of Ring Silver Gents. Ring Silver Gents $55.00
Solid sterling silver flat top gents ring. Suitable for engraving.
Image of Ring Silver Gents. Ring Silver Gents $65.00
Solid sterling silver gents ring, squarish flat top. Suitable for engraving with initials, family cr...
Star and Rose Scrub Feet $8.90
Premax Image of Sissors Hair Thinning. Sissors Hair Thinning $39.95
Serious hairdressing sissors in Hardened, tempered nickle plated steel. Intergal finger rest. 7 inch...
Star and Rose Smooth Feet $8.90
Blokey Stuff Tie Pin Stirling Silver $99.00
Solid sterling silver tie pin. 3 stripes and black triangle on one end. Made in Australia.
Vaude Toilletries Bag Wrapper II $24.95
Holds your shaving gear, toothbrush, etc. Hang it up in the hotel bathroom, and it rolls down reveal...
Premax Image of Tweezer Serious Modeller Slanted. Tweezer Serious Modeller Slanted $14.95
Tweezers for the modeller with attention to detail. Slanted pincer profile with sharp precision jaws...