Technical Bloke

Brand Item
Digitalk AC Adaptor/Charger $5.00
Battery charger / power pack for for DC1010 UHF CB Handheld Radio.
Cellink Batttery: Cordless Phone $12.95
Type B plug, 3.6V NiCad 300mAh. Suits some Sanyo cordless phones.
4cpublishers pty limited Compact Camera Pocket Guide $5.00
ISBN 0957841426
Exploiting the Internet $5.00
By Tim O'Brien ISBN 0646431404
With an Australian viewpoint, this provides comprehensive, easy to understand explanations of the is...
ID works Image of Guppie Tool. Guppie Tool $59.95
A cute little multi tool, with driver bits in a removable magnetic tool carrier. Adjustable wrench, ...
Fone Decor Leather Side Pouch 33XX $11.95
LED Aussie Power LED Space Lite Blue $29.95
This blue LED keyring torch looks like a flying saucer. Runs on lithium battery. All metal housing, ...
LED Aussie Power Image of LED V2 Triplex Blue Torch. LED V2 Triplex Blue Torch $49.95
This high quality machined aluminium torch has 3 ultra bright blue LEDs, fits in the palm of your ha...
Carson Image of MagniLoupe 4X. MagniLoupe 4X $7.50
Loupe of 4 times magnification. Held by your eye - scrunch up your cheek and frown on that side of y...
Digitech Image of Noise Cancelling Headphones. Noise Cancelling Headphones $50.00
12dB @ 100Hz anti-noise headphones. These headphones generate an "anti-noise" sound wave. When this...
Power Adaptor 240V AC Multi V DC $19.95
Champion Screw Kit: Black Self Tapping $30.00
A box os little black screws. Handy for odd jobs around your workshop, particullaly for working on e...
Champion Screw Kit: Fine Threads $30.00
A box of little bolts and nuts. Handy for odd jobs around your workshop. Imperial threads.
Champion Image of Screw Kit: Metric Machine Screws + Nuts. Screw Kit: Metric Machine Screws + Nuts $30.00
A box of little bolts and nuts. Handy for odd jobs around your workshop. Metric threads
4cpublishers pty limited SLR Camera Pocket Guide $6.95
ISBN 0957841418
Image of VOX Headset for CB UHF. VOX Headset for CB UHF $5.00
Experience the convenience of voxoperated communications when fishing, bush walking, crawling throug...