Magic Cryptic Cubes

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Barcode: 10813
Brand/Imprint: Adam Laurance Magic
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Categories: Game
Young Bloke
Magic Tricks

With the magician's back turned, the cubes are rearranged in the box by a spectator. The magician immediately identifies the order of the cubes. This kit includes clear instructions. Aust made. Lovely brightly painted timber box and cubes.

THE EFFECT: While the magicians back is turned the four cubes are arranged in the box by a spectator. The magician turns around, concentrates on the box and announces the correct order of the cubes.
CONTAINS: Painted wooden box with lid (125 mm x 50mm x 45mm), four wooden cubes (each 25mm) and full instructions
NOTES: This is the best trick in the catalog. It is supremely easy to do and yet totally baffling to watch. You can also dispense with the cubes and hand the empty box to your audience and turn your back. Whatever they place in the box you can immediately identify.