Bar Accessories

Brand Item
Image of Bar Set: 4 Piece. Bar Set: 4 Piece $5.00
Waiters friend corkscrew, foil cutter, bottle stopper, drip catcher.
Image of Bar Set: 5 Piece. Bar Set: 5 Piece $5.00
Waiters friend corkscrew, foil cutter, 2 bottle stoppers.
Beer Pig Can Holder Hollow $5.00
Neoprene sleeve for insulating your beer.
Avanti Cellar Wiz Corkscrew $30.00
Argyle Image of Corkscrew Lever Pull. Corkscrew Lever Pull $16.00
A all metal wing corksrew with satin finish. Rubber tipped handles. Bottle cap opener on top.
Pulltex Image of Corkscrew Pulltaps Red. Corkscrew Pulltaps Red $39.95
A quality waiters friend. Double stage lever. Comfortable shape for the hand.
Corkscrew: Cork Genie $14.95
Budget version of other expensive "parrot" style corkscrews. Squeeze the handle to clamp the bottle,...
Image of Digital Cocktail Bartender. Digital Cocktail Bartender $10.00
The wand shaped instrument has an inbuilt electronic memory of the ingredrents of many popular cockt...
Fairway Glass Bracket 250mm $9.95
Chrome bracket. Screw up to underside of high shelf at your bar and hang the wine glasses upside dow...
OzWood Jarrah Waiters Friend Straight $15.00
A simple straight waiters friend corkscrew with Jarrah side panels.
OzWood Jarrah Wine Bottle Stand with Penny $20.00
Made from Jarrah, a West Australian hardwood. Insert a wine bottle to balance it in the middle of th...
JD Pewter Badged Glass $17.50
JD Set of 2 Pewter Badge glasses $35.90
Sira Pewter Goblet $49.95
Quality lead free pewter is 97% tin, 3% copper. Simple and elegant shaped wine goblet.
Argyle Image of Quick Chill. Quick Chill $14.00
Freeze this reusable attractive gel pack, then wrap your wine bottle to keep it cold on the table. W...
The Simpsons Simpsons Stubby Holder 5 Food Groups $10.90
The Simpsons Simpsons Stubby Holder Wonderful Duff $10.90
Soft Grip Black Burg Waiters Friend $11.95
Burgandy in colour. Soft feel grip. Traditional waiter's friend styly corkscrew.
Bloke Stubby Holder: Drinkin' Bloke $9.95
Australian made wetsuit material stubby holder for your beer. Depicts a real bloke at his favourite ...
VB VB: Set of 2 Middy / Skol Glasses $10.00
Official VB merchandise. Pair of glasses printed with Victoria Bitter The Best Cold Beer Since 1854....
Waiters Friend Budget Stainless $9.95
Simple waiters friend corckscrew in stainless steel. Includes foil knife and bottle opener.
Argyle Image of Wine Drip Stopper. Wine Drip Stopper $5.55
The Argyle Wine Drip Stopper cleverly catches wine drips and hides them in a unique absorbant ring. ...