Soap Jokes

Brand Item
Image of Body Detergent: Hottie. Body Detergent: Hottie $9.95
Beauty in a box. Enhances cheekbones, cleavage, curves and conceit. Powdered soap: Use as you would ...
Image of Body Detergent: Super Mum. Body Detergent: Super Mum $9.95
Motherhood in a box. Elimiantes your figure and a good nights sleep. Comes with added stress and gre...
Liquid Personalities Hand Soap: Kinky $14.95
Twisted, quirky, deviant, erotic, perverted, you. Pump pack liquid hand soap.
Soap: Bridal Shower $16.50
Pure glycerin soap inset with bride and groom figurines. For those who vow " Till bath us do part."
Soap: Scrub-a-dub-dub $16.50
Pure glycerin soap inset with little yellow rubber ducky.
Soap: Wash Your Language $16.50
Pure glycerin soap inset with fridge magnet letters. Assorted words available, eg: Bitch, suck.