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Image of Charts: Moon Phase Maps. Charts: Moon Phase Maps $5.00
This is not a calendar. It is 18 photo maps in A4 size of the moon labelled with major craters, ridg...
Encyclopedia of Sharks $10.00
ISBN 1861553544
Undestanding sharks, how they feed, live and survive it the oceans, more of a challenge than it firs...
Giant Microbe Image of Giant Microbe Keyring: Brain Cell. Giant Microbe Keyring: Brain Cell $9.95
Giant microbes are a great laugh! Scientific and silly fluffy toys in the shape of the microbe with ...
Giant Microbe Image of Giant Microbe: Yogurt. Giant Microbe: Yogurt $12.95
Lactobacillus bulgaricus One of the oldest foods in the worlds, yogurt is surprisingly live and act...
Image of Hourglass: Small. Hourglass: Small $9.95
This sand-timer runs for approximately 90 seconds. The glass sits in a wooden frame.
Magic Sand $3.00
A little container of hydrophobic sand. Pour it into a glass of water and see the underwater sandcas...
Image of Microscope Biological. Microscope Biological $99.95
More than a toy, but still in budget. This micoscope kit comes with glass slides, samples, tweesers,...
Heebie Jeebies Moon Chart 2012 $14.95
A lunar calendar for the southern hemisphere - suits Australian skys.
Pheonix Our Place in The Cosmos $19.95
By Chandra Wickramasinghe ISBN 1857994337
Pheonix Our Place in The Cosmos $19.95
By Fred Hoyle ISBN 1857994337
Heebie Jeebies Image of Pendulum. Pendulum $75.00
Foucaults Pendulum: A simple device that hangs from the ceiling, conceived as an experiment to demon...
Poster - on Mars $5.90
The Sojourner rover leaves the ramp of the Pathfinder probe on Mars, July 1997. 44 x 57 cm.
Poster: Moon $9.95
Poster: Moonwalk $9.95
Poster: Planets of the Solar System $9.95
Poster: Star Map $9.95
Shows all stars down to magnitude 5.25 and selected deep sky objects. 57 x 74cm.
Alpha Books Image of Revenge of Gaia, The. Revenge of Gaia, The $29.95
By James Lovelock ISBN 0713999268
Lovelock's unique authority and original perspective sets this book apart from other books on enviro...
Science of the Deep $13.90
Professor Brainstorm's experiments about water pressure and a game. Requires plastic P.E.T. bottle,...
Bohm Image of Stirling Engine Kit. Stirling Engine Kit $275.00
This is a very nicely made desktop toy for the technically minded bloke. Somewhat over engineered wi...
Oxford University Press Image of Sun, the Genome, and the Internet : Tools of Scientific Revolutions. Sun, the Genome, and the Internet : Tools of Scientific Revolutions $23.95
By Freeman A Dyson ISBN 0195139224
Cog Image of Volcano Science. Volcano Science $19.95
Kit Contains: a volcano to create eruptions, volcano rocks for study, a map of volcano locations and...
Text Publishing Image of Wollemi Pine, The. Wollemi Pine, The $5.00
By James Woodford ISBN 192088548X
The Incredible Discovery of a Living Fossil From the Age of the Dinosaurs. This is the story of the ...