Outdoors Bloke

Brand Item
Avanti Activ Sports Bottle Light Blue 750mL $5.00
Avanti Activ Sports Bottle Lime 750mL $5.00
Water Land Linen Beach Towel $5.00
Brightly coloured with various seaside patterns, this is essential stuff for the beach. 100% cotton,...
Saxon Image of Binoculars:  12 x 32 Waterproof. Binoculars: 12 x 32 Waterproof $30.00
12 times magnification, 32mm objective lenses. Central focus. Airtight seal for waterproofing and to...
Saxon Image of Binoculars: 10 x 50 Wide Angle. Binoculars: 10 x 50 Wide Angle $79.95
10 times magnification, 50mm objective lenses. 116m view at 1000m Long eye relief BAK4 prisims ...
XH Image of Camping Lantern LED. Camping Lantern LED $29.95
Portable camp light with 17 LEDs. Inverted conical reflector spreads the light around. Hook on handl...
Ken Duncan panographs p/l Image of Classic Australia. Classic Australia $5.00
ISBN 0957786182
Excalibur Compass: Car, Multi Angle $5.00
Pacific Cutlery Image of Dive Master Yellow Knife. Dive Master Yellow Knife $20.00
Sturdy knife for SCUBA diving. Stainless steel 12cm blade. Blade smooth one side, serrated the other...
Image of Freshwater Crocodile. Freshwater Crocodile $10.00
b + w photo with sepia tinted crocodile, white matte, 40 x 34.5 cm inc mount.
Image of Gardener's Rope Soap. Gardener's Rope Soap $5.00
Quality hand (Aust) made soap with eucalyptus & tea tree oils, pumice, bee's wax, palm & coconut oil...
Keyring: Compass Ball Coloured $5.00
Eyeball sized compass ball attached to a keying. Various colours.
Map Compass $14.95
Orion Image of Map Measure. Map Measure $12.95
Nifty gadget to figure out the distance along a twisting path on a map.
Image of Mug: Melamine Campers' Coffee. Mug: Melamine Campers' Coffee $5.00
Strong and lightweight, great for camping.
Victorinox Image of Pouch 2 Layer. Pouch 2 Layer $29.95
Brown leather sheath with velcro closure, designed to hang off belt, suit medium size knives.
Single Use Camera, 24 Exposure $9.95
Ultimate Survival Technologies Image of Sparkie Fire Starter. Sparkie Fire Starter $29.95
Sparkie is a new fire starter featuring one handed operation in a lightweight design. Sparkie has a ...
Victorinox Image of Victorinox Adventurer. Victorinox Adventurer $29.95
Simple folding pocket knife. Single blade. Swiss made quality.
Lonely Planet Image of Watching Wildlife Australia. Watching Wildlife Australia $10.00
ISBN 1864500328
A guide to where to find wildlife and what you're seeing. Covers the full range of environments in ...
Ultimate Survival Image of Wet Fire Tinder. Wet Fire Tinder $5.00
Water resistant cubes of synthetic tinder which will light easily in most wet, windy or cold conditi...