Secret Men's Business

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Author: John Marsden
Barcode: 9780330360746
ISBN: 0330360744
Brand/Imprint: Pan
Release Date: Apr 1998
Format: B Paperback
Number of Pages: 174
Weight: 156 grammes
Price $AUD: $16.95
Categories: Book
Non Fiction

Manhood: The Big Gig

This is the most urgently needed book of our time.
Where Steve Biddulph's best-selling Raising Boys talks to parents and teachers, Secret Men's Business talks to young men themselves - in the way that only John Marsden can. It sets out, in direct, honest language, the things every young man needs to know . . . And the things young men aren't being told.
Not just the obvious. Not just the basic. As John Marsden says: "In one way all you have to do to become a man is to stay alive. Physically you'll grow into a man.
But to become a man who is mature, independent, responsible and wise, you'll need to do more than just have birthdays."
Young men who read this book will learn how to be strong, how to be honest, how to confront their fears. They'll understand how to deal with men and women, parents and teachers, male friends and female friends. They'll get a sense of the integrity that every true man needs.
They'll find ways to resolve problems without being destructive or self-destructive.
They'll have their questions about sex answered . . . In clear, straightforward language.
With Tomorrow, When the War Began, John Marsden wrote the most powerful novel for teenagers ever published in this country. Now he has written the most powerful non-fiction work ever made available to young men.