Phone Monocle Yellow

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Barcode: 891838000085
Brand/Imprint: Magnific
Price $AUD: $24.95
Categories: Weird and Wonderful

The Phone Monocle is a magnifying lens set in hypoallergenic silicone rubber which stretches over your phone to ease reading of the screen. The lens of the phone monocle fits into the rubber casing either lengthways, or sideways, to suit your phone/device.
Phone monocles help protect your screen from damage and cracks. Additionally, on many phones, the monocle helps keep the battery/ back plate in place if you drop your phone.
The rubber backing of the monocle is non-slip and helps prevent your phone from being knocked off smooth surfaces/tables/ benchtops etc.
The monocles dramatically enhance the display at night (great for in the car, clubs, etc.).
Use them on your mobile phone, flip phone, home phone, your iPod, your insulin pump, your pill bottle . . . Stretches over any device between 10 and 14cm. The lens measures approximately 25mm x 34mm.